Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Life of Furniture

Allison and I have now reached a new pinnacle. I declare that we will stop at nothing or stoop too low when we see a piece of furniture with a glimmer of a future. As providence would have it, on Saturday morning after Allison and I had been to a couple Goodwill stores and found nothing noteworthy (well, except for the fanny pack Allison needed to top off her Halloween costume, oh and I can't forget the bird pictures that are very Audubon Society worthy which I got for $6), we were heading home. We both needed to go to Sunflower Market to get edibles to take to our respective parties later that evening so although we were heading home we turned and flipped a u-turn on a side street. All of the sudden my well trained eye's spied a blue chair just hanging out in the alley. Since we had passed where it sat, I looked at Allison who without hesitation said "TURN AROUND".

We expeditiously darted past the blue chair as we spied an amazing desk, nightstand, chair and a sundry of other objects. We are standing in a dirty, dusty, grimy alley, hoping we wouldn't encounter anyone. We decided to save a nightstand, chair, a tray and 2 table leaves from the landfill and take them home with us. After a brief discussion we agreed that although we had a keen interest in the desk we would need to rely on the aid of someone with a truck to get it home and maybe it would be wise to let that decision simmer a while.

Once again, as fortune would have it (so to speak), the party I went to was hosted by a couple with not one truck but two trucks. The host, Michael has moved a piece of furniture for us before and is a good sport about it asking if I had any moving that needed to be done. I wasted no time in soliciting their help, which they graciously provided with the results are below.

You may look at these pictures and think we should have let the landfill have them. But as we like to say (it makes us feel like we know what we are talking about), the bones are good, cosmetically they leave a bit to be desired but hey, the bones are good. You should see the hardware on the nightstand!

So at the end of the day, we have used a mega amount of Clorex wipes and Murphy's Oil Soap. We have vacuumed and cleaned until we are confident that anything that might have deposited a germ on any one of these prized finds has now been annihilated. Hands are dry, nails are cracked, back is sore and I am so darn excited about our back alley booty. Stay tuned, I'll keep you posted on the transformations.