Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Believe

I believe today is a good day to make some declarations. Declaring out loud, to myself some elementary beliefs that I have. Squeezing out some of the misses in my belief system and focusing on some of the hits.

I believe that in general people are good. Although I see like every one else the ravages of evil, I still believe humans have the capacity to do, be and live good lives. Choose well.

I believe that some of our first thoughts we should give a second thought to before dismissing and some we better dismiss when they first pop up. The tricky part is to know which is which.

I believe that some days should be set aside to be lazy, to be idle. I feel guilt when I just want to do nothing. But, if my heart is beating, my brain is functioning and my senses are sensing and all those other wonderful things that happen without any help from me, on occasion that should be enough.

I believe that friendship makes the world go round.

I believe sticky things happen to get us unstuck.

I believe exercise is good - physical, mental and spiritual. Not that I do it as I should, but it's good.

I believe too often I forget how wonderful life is. Focusing on the less pleasant things instead.

I believe that at my very core I have always believed I am a procrastinator. I would like to not be, so I work to change that belief…but sometimes I put it off till tomorrow.

I believe I often forget you can’t eat an elephant all at once. Which that statement alone makes me gag but the concept of biting of doable portions can hardly be said any better.

I believe I really like quiet. Not the absence of all sound but the quiet that is the unobtrusive, free from disturbance, tranquil, peaceful, being at rest, refraining or free from busy or vigorous activity, peaceable, moving very gently, free from disturbing thoughts or emotions.

I believe e.e. cummings was correct when he said “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.”

I believe I can think of nothing I would rather do at this moment than eat crackers slathered with peanut butter and honey while drinking mint tea. Care to join me? I long to sit and hear you say what you believe.