Friday, September 2, 2011

Dude, It's Friday. Let's Celebrate

I have said it before, but I didn’t realize just how important celebrating in life is to me. Clearly, it is big because when one of the other moms who we carpool with said that she would be able to pick up the boys this week, my heart skipped a beat when I realized she meant Friday too.

You see, 4 weeks ago when we completed the first week of school I decided to take the boys for a “survived the first week of school celebration Jamba Juice”. The next week, I told the boys not to always expect this but today we would go get a DQ Blizzard. Third week seemed like a good time for Starbucks. We haven’t done this long enough to become loyal to anyone of the many treat options in our hood. And although I don’t want them to expect this every week I pretty much know it will happen every week unless I have a hot date and need to use the funds to go towards an emergency mani/pedi. In other words, maybe they can’t take it to the bank, but they can be assured if it is Friday, we are celebrating.

So the dilemma is, do I…
1.     Be extremely selfish and tell the other mom she can’t take the boys?
2.     Find someone else to celebrate Friday with?
3.     Go alone?
4.     Learn to share?

I have to say number 3 is my least favorite. Oh sure I love doing things alone but part of the fun in taking the boys is spending time with them, asking them annoyingly probing questions like  “so, what was the best part of your day?” And if they say “lunch”, I probe further and ask “why” or really make it tough and say “no something you get a grade in.” You know the stuff of a good snoopy mom. If I am lucky it leads to them talking about the good and bad of the day, giving me a clue of what life is like for a freshman in high school these days. But it is also fun to eavesdrop on their conversations. Listening to their responses when a cool car goes by. Oh and my favorite conversation goes something like this - “dude, did you see that”? And then another says “no way dude that is awesome.” And then the third chimes in with “dude”. What’s not to like about hearing a whole dude conversation. Must tell you there is nothing quite so riveting on a Friday afternoon as freshman boy conversation. They make me laugh.

Someday soon these boys will be driving and not need us moms to haul them to school, movies or anywhere else. Now they have to hang out with their mom if they want something but soon they will be working and can afford their own Starbucks, Jamba Juice or DQ. My opportunity to eavesdrop on their conversations will be limited and I’ll have to be sneakier. These boys are growing up. They are good kids. Am I trying to hold on? No I think I just want to keep my eyes and ears open to hear what they are and are not saying.