Saturday, January 30, 2010

Some Shifts Are Worth Keeping

In 2009 I implemented a few dietary changes that I think are worth sticking with for 2010.

1. I continued not eating anything with a face (not counting the potatoes that sometimes grow eyes while in the pantry). I have made the decision to continue on the vegetarian path. When I started, it was towards the end of 2008, I didn’t know if it was for a day, week, month, or indefinitely but I like it and will continue for now.

2. Started drinking kombucha. I don’t drink one every day and when I drink one I have to add a few Stevia drops to tame the pungent taste but oddly enough I really like it and I think the health benefits are worth it.

3. Eliminated sodas from my diet. I can’t remember exactly when I stopped drinking soda’s but I have continued through 2009. I think it is just a really good thing to do especially when you realize that 12 oz of soda decreases your body's immunity by 50% for 5 hours.

4. Learned how to cook eggplant. I tried many years ago and failed. But thanks to a friend who is a fabulous and creative cook, I now can make yummy eggplant recipes too.

5. I prefer to think of myself as varietal rather than inconsistent. But whatever the word, I like to try things and I like to try a lot of things which means that sometimes although I like what I try I move on to the next good thing. Case in point. I came across Bee Pollen at the Farmers Market and decided to try it. I've heard it is very healthy, I like the taste and I took it faithfully for awhile. I’ll go back to it I am sure but right now it is on the shelf along with the container of Chyawanprash.

6. Lost 30 lbs. Another good thing.

7. Always try to eat real food. Use half and half in my coffee rather than a popular non-dairy creamer. Not using the pink, yellow and blue packaged sweeteners. I have discovered I like to use Stevia and I have friends who love Truvia. In food preparation I would rather use real sugar and use less. Use butter rather than margarine.

8. Incorporated organic where possible. Not always possible but when I can, I do.

9. Hemp Seeds are amazing. Thank you Dr. Oz for making me aware of this nutrious power house. I like to add a spoonful or two to my oatmeal. They conveniently provide all the 10 essential amino acids and lots of omega 3 and a bunch of protein. All good things.


  1. Great changes! Couldn't agree more -- with most of them, anyway. Love eggplant, so healthy. Have you tried Baba Ganoush?

    Also recently heard about chia seeds -- are they the same as the hemp? Supposed to have similar benefits.

  2. I love Baba Ganoush. But have not heard about chia seeds. I am going to have to check them out. Thanks for your comments.